People-centred transformation underpinned by digital, systems thinking and a culture of courage, not conformity.
Introducing RedesignX. Peter Oliver talks about why, and what we aim to help achieve.

Introducing RedesignX. Peter Oliver talks about why, and what we aim to help achieve.

Why establish RedesignX? 

RedesignX’s focus is on supporting citizen-centric organisations, across sectors and industries, to help them be even better with what they’re great at – solving some of society’s biggest challenges.

Grasping the opportunity for people-centred transformation has become even more important for every organisation, now more than ever in our rapidly changing world. Even if that’s through small, positive and incremental steps.

No matter what other enablers underpin transformation, such as the adoption of technology, people will make or break any attempt to transform. People are the enabling force in transforming an organisation to deliver better outcomes for customers and citizens, as well as creating a workplace environment which attracts the most talented and committed individuals. Sometimes they receive least investment, and sometimes they’re given new tools without adequately involving them in the design, without consideration of impact on workflow, and without support to adopt and optimise. The impact of all this is compounded because our world requires a level of constant transformation. Embracing it should become a shared culture and way of operating; not something that only happens through structured programmes of work.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve supported organisations to deliver complex, strategic transformation programmes; largely underpinned by technology. This work has spanned the United Kingdom, United States, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Over the same period, I’ve held leadership roles in local and national charities; and governance roles in local, national and international organisations. I’ll spare you the CV, but you can read more here if you’d like to.

I thrive on engaging with people to help transform and improve impactful and essential services to citizens; especially where transformation is underpinned by the adoption of technology, and a shift in culture. I’m following this passion, and putting the broad ranging skills and experiences I’ve gained to best use. 

What do you plan to help achieve?

There’s no destination. This is about embracing and engaging in customer journeys and the services you deliver (your ‘X’), to see what else we can help you to achieve. 

Our mission is to help you optimise, transform and fix organisations and services which exist to enhance the lives of your customers, and ultimately citizens. We do this by supporting organisations like yours, in the public, private and third sectors, to deliver people-centred transformation and service design; underpinned by digital and organisational science.

Whether your ‘X’ is health and care, helping young people get the best start in life through formal or non-formal education, supporting mental wellbeing and resilience, developing inclusion and community cohesion, other impactful services to society, or simply creating a digitally enabled team to help you do more – we’re confident we can help.

Our values are:

  • Courage over conformity: we go boldly, question, and challenge.
  • Empathetic, yet resilient: we listen, care, and are comfortable with working through complex issues
  • Committed and determined: we’re here to help you make a difference, whatever that takes
  • Driven by increasing the impact of customers: we care about your impact, and support you to enhance it.

Our focus is supporting your action, which courageously sets out to positively impact society, no matter how small the first steps may be.

You can read more about our services here.

There’s a well known quote, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. There’s already a whole range of projects and ideas forming. I’m filled with optimism and anticipation; and look forward to seeing where the journey, together, takes us. 

Thanks for your time, and please do connect with us to share experiences.

Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver