People-centred transformation underpinned by digital, systems thinking and a culture of courage, not conformity.


Transformation is essential; now more than ever in our rapidly changing world.

No matter what other enablers underpin transformation, such as technology; people will make or break any attempt to transform. Your people are often the enabling force in transforming your organisation to deliver better results and a workplace environment that attracts the most talented and committed individuals. Sometimes they receive least investment, and the impact of this is compounded because our world requires constant transformation. Embracing it should become a shared culture and way of operating, not something that only happens through structured programmes of work.

Our mission is to help you to optimise, transform and fix organisations and services which exist to enhance the lives of your customers, and ultimately citizens. We do this by supporting organisations like yours, in the public, private and third sectors, to deliver people-centred transformation and service design; underpinned by digital and systems thinking organisational science.

RedesignX is intentionally a small and specialised practice, which enables us to shape our services around very specific customer requirements, like yours. We’d rather not pre-determine how we can support your organisation; because your requirement, your ‘X’, will be unique. However; we’ve summarised some of our core capabilities below.

Creating purposive systems, through co-creation, and by developing a detailed understanding of your operating environment, is at the core of what we do. We apply organisational science, through our methods, to ensure viability and relevance.

In supporting your organisation in a strategic advisory capacity, or to develop and refresh strategy, we ensure that:

  • the purpose of your organisation is clearly defined, in relation to the environment and citizens it serves

  • a shared mission and vision is developed with your key stakeholders; internally and externally

  • your operating environment is fully understood

  • appropriate organisational objectives are defined, agreed and adopted – with appropriate and measurable key performance indicators – which, although should stretch your organisation, are accepted as being achievable and pass the test of the organisation’s governance

  • an appropriate governance model is in place, or redesigned, if necessary

  • a high level operating model is defined which supports your organisation to achieve it’s objectives; with agility

  • culture is co-developed and determined, by considering values and behaviours which, when embraced, will create a positive environment and give you transformative potential

  • we leave behind new skills, methods and tools so that your organisation can continue to evolve both strategies and strategy-to-action plans

We seek to embed agility into organisational operating models, through culture development. Gone are the days of 3-5 yearly strategy refreshes. Your organisation may have 3-5 year objectives, but elements of strategy, and certainly strategy to action plans, must remain agile for your organisation to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. 

Our work is underpinned by digital. Not for the sake of it; but because we see significant opportunity for digitally enabled transformation – and because we know how to help your organisation to achieve it.

In supporting your organisation to develop your digital strategies, we ensure that:

  •  the organisational strategy is robust, embraced by all, and articulates a clear mission, vision and objectives

  • an assessment is made of the current digital maturity of your organisation; with a detailed assessment of the current technologies used, their effectiveness, their weaknesses, their cost and your organisation’s contractual commitments in relation to those services

  • we determine the level of the digital maturity of your organisation, in comparison with other organisations from the same sector, and reference case studies of where investment in digital has delivered benefit

  • extensive consideration is given to how digital can support the delivery of your organisational strategy, through co-creation with your key stakeholders – we help them to understand the art of the possible, then identify what, from that, is relevant to your organisation and it’s objectives

  • we define and understand what constraints your organisation is working within, in order to ensure that any digital roadmap is deliverable

  • we set out the strategic themes for how your organisation will make improved use of digital and relate that to your organisational objectives

  • we set out a roadmap and potential costed programmes of work to deliver the roadmap; clearly articulating the benefits that should be expected

  • the digital strategy is written in plain-English; and can be understood by a wide range of stakeholders

Similar to our approach for developing organisational strategies; we embed agility into digital delivery. Technology moves at a rapid pace; and digital strategy most take account of this.

Service design isn’t always necessarily a complicated thing to do – but sometimes can only be achieved when facilitated by external stakeholders who can bring a fresh perspective, impartiality and a level of constructive challenge.

We don’t make the mistake of thinking we know your core business better than you. Therefore, we won’t arrive with pre-determined future state designs and spend time convincing you to adopt them. The knowledge we need to help you assess current state services, and determine changes that will help you transform what you do is within the minds of your greatest assets – your people. 

In supporting your organisation to undertake service design, we ensure that:

  • we take time to understand your strategic drivers for the new service, or the redesign of an existing service

  • we develop an understanding of any constraints your organisation may be working within, which would impact the scope to ensure we keep on track, and stay focused

  • we identify all of your key stakeholders who should be engaged – both internally and externally – designing a service without the input of customers and citizens will surely lead to something suboptimal

  • we determine the needs and objectives of the service, by defining the outcomes, and work back from there

  • we determine the personas and user stories of representative stakeholders in the service; and determine their needs, experiences and expectations

  • we consider any current state model for delivering the service

  • we workshop opportunity to transform, simply, improve the service – with a clear focus on the experience of the personas, their user stories, and the intended outcomes

  • we determine future state models, and the benefits of any change from current state

  • we create or enhance a sense of purpose for the service amongst all stakeholders

When people truly share your organisation’s vision, mission and objectives, have shaped and embraced a culture based on values and behaviours, and are truly engaged in influencing and owning plans; something incredible, often indescribable, happens. 

However, this doesn’t normally occur without effort – normally only by design, and because leaders understand the importance, and takes effort and commitment at all levels of an organisation to achieve.

Whether you’re considering support with shaping strategy, enhancing culture, developing operating frameworks which liberate and create empowerment with latitude, building operational plans, or to generally improve engagement to make the most of what your team can offer – we can help.

In supporting your organisation to undertake stakeholder engagement and co-creation, we ensure that:

  • the intended outcomes are clear and there is an agreed purpose

  • stakeholders to be engaged are mapped and agreed, including both internal and external

  • appropriate methods of engagement are agreed, which will support delivering the intended outcomes

  • stakeholder engagement is conducted effectively and using proven techniques, but also techniques which are relevant to the current or desired culture of your organisation

Key to the delivery of any transformation, is the justification of the necessary investment; and the specification and procurement of any necessary solutions and services.

We’re not keen to see organisations only getting as far as defining strategy, designing services, and engaging stakeholders – we’re committed to then helping you to make sure this translates to action.

Typically, investment is justified and sought through the development of a business case. Depending on the level of investment required, your organisation, and the sector; the level of detail required of a business case can vary significantly.

In supporting your organisation to undertake investment appraisal, we ensure that:

  • expectations are clear on your organisation’s requirement for business cases, and the route of approval of investment

  • we right-size the approach, and agree whether a single business case is required, or whether a more structured process of defining a strategic outline case, outline business case and full business case will be required

  • we take widely accepted approaches to ensure standards-based development of a business case and utilise them to the extent required

  • we assess ensure the requirements are clearly articulated, and assess the options available to deliver them

  • we use the opportunity of appraising investment to undertake an appropriate level of stakeholder engagement, and bring people on board with the journey, as the work progresses

Depending on the nature of the solutions and services to be procured, we’re able to support procurement exercises of varying scales and complexity – and to also engage partners in support of this, as necessary.

Our approach to delivering successful transformation programmes and projects is to focus on the intended outcomes – and to apply the most suitable methodology, with pragmatism.

In supporting your organisation to deliver transformation programmes and projects, we ensure that:

  • programmes have a clear mandate, which articulates the expected outcomes and scope

  • appropriate governance arrangements are established, with clear terms of reference and delegation of authority to enable effective decision-making

  • where appropriate, programme delivery is structured by defining the necessary component projects

  • an appropriate delivery methodology is determined; and applied practically

  • projects are initiated in a controlled way, ensuring clear expectations are agreed at the outset

  • plans are defined, agreed and proactively managed

  • resource-levels are appropriate, or consciously agreed otherwise

  • budgets are appropriate, or consciously agreed otherwise

  • risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies and constraints are proactively managed, and escalated, where necessary – on an ongoing basis

  • reporting is agreed and established

  • a proactive approach to lessons learned is taken; ensuring opportunity to amend delivery plans where this would bring benefit

Importantly, we also ensure that strong relationships are built across all stakeholders.

We proactively develop relationships with trusted strategic and delivery partners, whose mission, values, culture and approaches are aligned with our own.

Our customers and partners include…