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Securing your digital transformation journey. Be cyber aware.

Securing your digital transformation journey. Be cyber aware.

If you left your front door open and something was stolen, would you blame the locks?

Using digital to underpin transformation, we’ve seen first-hand the massive shift in adoption of digital tools and platforms that was already taking place pre COVID-19. Over the last 5 months, this shift has accelerated beyond imagination. Whether for work or for personal use; many of us have a massively increased reliance on our technology, and on our connectivity to be able to interact with colleagues, customers, family and friends.

When our technology fails, routine ‘stuff’ just stop being possible. It’s that simple.

We’re using our home networks and devices to access and process potentially commercially sensitive and business critical data; via services which may not have been designed to be used in this way. We’re using infrastructure that hasn’t necessarily been set up with the most appropriate security in mind. And; sadly, there are cyber threat actors who know this, and are looking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Truth is; we are all increasingly vulnerable – organisations and individuals – irrespective of the technology platforms that we use.

The significant risks we face require consideration to be given to people, process and technology – cyber security enhancements are required in all three areas, if we are to be effective. However; good cyber security starts with being aware; and creating a culture of protecting infrastructure, platforms, devices and data. 

Act now – take cyber security seriously and protect your increasing valuable digital assets.

The National Cyber Security Centre offers some good advice to help ensure you’re protected:

The advice can be challenging to navigate and organisations are likely to benefit from professional support to implement appropriate measures.