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What will you treasure, transform or trash from your forced adoption of new practices?

What will you treasure, transform or trash from your forced adoption of new practices?

People are already talking about the post-Covid era; even though we’re still peri-Covid with no clear path or timescale, in which we can be confident, for the journey out of our current circumstances.

That’s been one of the most challenging things for us to get our heads around. We strategise, set targets and make plans – and yet all of that has been turned upside down. We’re having to get used to increased uncertainty, we’ve had to embrace new ways of doing things and we’ve had to leave a lot of what we once knew behind – at least for the foreseeable future.

We’ve all been through significant transformation; and very little – if any – of it will have been planned. Some of it will have been a success, some the basis for future transformation, and some will have unquestionably been challenging.

If you have the capacity; now is a good time to evaluate what’s happened so far over the last 5 months

What will you treasure?

Are there any elements of your forced and rapid transformation that have worked well, that have been adopted with ease, that have perhaps enabled new ways of doing things that you don’t want to lose? They might make what you do more impactful, more efficient or more effective. They might help create an element of better culture, improved work-life balance or even develop a happier team. If it’s worked well; consider how to treasure it into the future. Don’t lose any positive without consciously deciding to do so.

What will you transform?

Which elements of what you’ve needed to adopt or change have turned out to be the seeds of something that could be transformational for your organisation? Perhaps technologies that have enabled you to engage more directly with those you’re there for, reviews of workflows that have removed unnecessary steps because you simply didn’t have the time to do what you had always done, or more structured approaches to team engagement? Whatever it is – it probably isn’t quite there yet and there are some things to still work out; but don’t lose it. Keep it on the list to transform, when you have capacity.

What will you trash?

We’ve all had to start doing things in ways that just won’t work as effectively as the alternatives that are available. Trash them as soon as you can. Decide to do so without any further thought. It may take some planning and effort to enact; especially if they’re things that require safe decommissioning or retraining – but don’t lose sight of the need to stop doing the things that just don’t work.

One thing is for certain – it’s too soon to know what post-Covid really looks like. By all means, give it some thought – but remain flexibile and agile – and good luck with what you’re facing and dealing with.